The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) is a bill that Democrats are centering their platform on. This bill aims to abide by its name - uplift Americans so that they are better off than they were before the pandemic. This means tackling the climate crisis and improving economic well being for the working class. However, this bill fails to include all Americans. The House just passed the BBBA without a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, despite the original bill having it. Instead, the BBBA, offers a five-year parole status, protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation.


We cannot “build back better” without supporting ALL people that live in this country. Thus, if the BBBA is in fact trying to live up to its name, it must include a pathway to citizenship.

Join us in emailing Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, urging that he include this pinnacle immigration reform in the BBBA.
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